August 19, 2015

When Not to Shop the Clearance Racks

Four months since my last post and now, finally, I am b a c k. This whole adulting thing (i.e. having a career, going grocery shopping, buying your first car, etc.) can be pretty time consuming and in my case, had me very preoccupied / disenchanted with blogging. Yesterday however, I had a chance encounter in TJ Maxx that made me feel like I needed to log into my blogger account and share with the world.

Here's what happened...

I was dressed in my favorite boyfriend jeans (the same ones you saw here and here), scoping out furry throw pillows (my latest obsession) when I came across the prettiest plum-colored, knee-high boots, I ever did see. I rushed over to admire the bad boys and when I looked down to see that there were only two pair in the store, the display being a size 8 1/2 (my size!) I knew that I at least had to try them on....

Well, if you've ever tried on a lust worthy shoe before, you know that once you try it on, you pretty much own it. In the case of Kierra vs the pretty Kate Spade Saturday Plum Knee - High boots...well, I did something I don't normally do. 

I bought the damn boots -- at full price. 

The damn boots. 
That's right, I forked over the whole $XXX.99 that T.J. Maxx was asking for them(which was actually a great price for the regularly $295 suckers)and saved myself 1)The hassle of going back every week to see if they had been marked down, yet & 2) The potential heartbreak of someone else buying them. 

So, here's my advice to all of you out there who like me, make the clearance rack your first stop in a store. Pay full price if and when

It's a Novel Item -- basically, you can't walk into Target or Forever21 (btw, are we still shopping there?)and find one million other items that look just like it. 

It's High Quality-- You can never go wrong with investing in quality, whether it be quality pieces for your wardrobe or your home.

You Can Actually Afford It -- Hey, every now and then it's OK to ball on a budget. Full price at T.J. Maxx isn't necessarily full price at Neiman Marcus or Saks and in my case, buying the boots wasn't resulting in me eating Ramen Noodles for the rest of the, why not indulge in moderation?