July 24, 2013

Impulse Buys, Neon & My 1st Giveaway!

Impulse buys.

We've all been there and if you're like me, done that. In fact, the neon pink satchel I'm sporting in this post is just one of my many impulse buys. Now, don't get me wrong. At the time that I purchased it, I thought it was so cute, and I just had to have it. While I still think its super adorable, in the 8 almost 9 months that I've had it, I've probably worn it a total of three times, which is why I am ready and willing to ship it off to one of my lucky readers in my first blog give away! We'll get to that later though.

Neon colors are not typically seen on the baseball field, but that didn't stop me from adding a splash of color to the dugout yesterday! I kept things simple (as I usually do) with my neon green capris from The Limited, super soft blue tank from TJ Maxx and sparkly canvas sneakers from Target. My "Kiss my lips" necklace and gold link bracelet are both from Rue21.

When it comes to neon colors, I think that they all look great together. In other words, there is not secret to putting together a winning neon color combination. I had originally paired with these pants a tank top made out of the same material, but in a tangerine color. The only reason I changed it was because I didn't like the way the silver luster of my sneakers looked with it.

Another combination that I have come to like is that of gold and silver. For the longest time, I have been under the misconception that gold and silver accessories shouldn't be mixed. But, here lately I've noticed that it makes for a chic combination. What are some of your favorite color and jewelry combinations?

Now, for the giveaway!

All you have to do is:
 1) Leave a comment below with your e-mail address 
2) Follow me on Twitter: @sophisitKatedXO
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A winner will be announced on Monday, August 5th!

Good Luck!

July 22, 2013

How Could I Forget!?

You ever mean to do something but somehow forget? Yeah, me too. Which would explain the looks in this post-- all ones that I forgot to post, until now! 

Stepping Out 

I wore this sassy look to the Spring Step Show at school. The romper is Gianni Bini and super comfortable. My wedges are some of my favorite Steve Maddens ones that my dad purchased for me about two years ago now. I finished off the look with my Forever21 gold earrings and cat eye shades.

Teacher Shirt 

A fabulous find from the thrift store, this retro blouse reminded me of something a teacher would wear in the 70s. I wore it to my Great Grandma Mae's 90th birthday party paired with my orange chiffon skirt, emerald green cardigan from Old Navy, tights and sparkly black booties from Forever21. I remember getting lots of compliments on this look and specifically a lady yelling across a store to tell me that I looked "so ladylike and cute!" 

Purple Cheetah
I wore this purple number that I picked up on clearance at Dillard's to my best friend's 21st birthday.  The shindig was a bit of a classy affair so my monochromatic purple look fit the bill for appropriate attire. When I couldn't decide on what shoe's to wear with the look, I threw on my cheetah print Jessica Simpson's in frustration. Surprisingly enough though, they looked good! I accesorized with gold hoops and a gold pendant necklace that I purchased from Francesa's. 

Painted On

On the Eve of New Year's, I made my way out in black sequined leggings that looked like they were painted on to my body, my black chiffon top, black faux leather jacket and bright pink BCBG pumps. This look was so effortless and very sexy, if I do say so myself! 

Golden Girl

So, this little stunner is what I wore out to celebrate the completion of my Junior year of  college and the end of the semester. The gorgeous dress was only $14 at the Dillard's clearance center in High Point , NC. I loved the peplum and it didn't hurt that it fit my body great. My shoes were also a fab find from Shi by Journeys...only $19.99. They are magenta platforms with a gold heel and t-strap. I polished the look off with my fave Forever21 gold earrings and a single gold cuff. 

Which of these forgotten fits do you like the best? I think I'm sold on this last one! 

July 13, 2013

Define: Kickback

Tank: Macy's/ Jeans: Gap/ Sandals: Rue21 

kick . back
/'kik bak/ 
1.  A sudden forceful recoil
2. A payment made to someone who has facilitated a transaction or appointment, esp. illicitly

3. A type of party, usually super chill, with friends.

Friday night I went to a kickback with friends.Since kickbacks are super laid back, I wanted to keep my outfit for the night as casual as possible. I put on my favorite boyfriend jeans from Gap, a loose white tank and my white studded platform sandals. I kept my accessories to the bare minimum: diamond studs, a single gold bracelet and a reddish lip. 
What do you think? 

July 11, 2013

8 Things My Nina Taught Me (That I'll Teach My Granddaughter)

Nina and I 
For 21 years now she’s been a grandmother— my grandmother— but despite her more than two decades worth of on the job experience, she still doesn’t view herself as a grandmother. I guess she has good cause not to, as she doesn’t quite fit the stereotypical denture needing, Alfred Dunner wearing, Buick driving, grandmother mold.

In fact, with her 59th birthday quickly approaching (it’s on Sunday) Juanita Nobles, or Nina as she insists me and her other grandchildren call her has done a really good job of preserving her sexy.

I know some people might frown at the idea of having a “sexy” grandma, but from the time I was about 8 years old and realized that my grandma was way different than all my other friends’ grandmothers, I’ve loved the novelty of her. Besides, the fact that my Nina describes herself as “hip,” “sexy,” and “not old” has not changed the fact that she is technically a grandmother nor has it had an impact on her grand-maternal instincts.

For the past 21 years my Nina has showered me with  the love and affection only a grandma could, not to mention passed along to me crucial bits of knowledge that her 58 (soon to be 59 years of living) have provided her with.

While at 21 children, (let alone grandchildren) are the last things on my mind, as my Nina’s birthday approaches I can’t help but reflect on all the things she has taught me, that one day I hope to teach to my granddaughter.

I sat and compiled a list, just to make sure I don’t forget and this is what I came up with:

1)      When all else fails, use vinegar.

If vinegar distillers ever decided that they needed a spokesperson, my Nina would be their woman. Not only does she prescribe vinegar (diluted with water) as the remedy for a sore throat and hoarse voice, but also as a cleaner for dirty windows. I’ve seen her rub the bitter smelling substance on her skin to ease the aches of arthritis and pour it directly onto fabric to remove deep-seated stains. Though she probably won’t ever catch me taking a vinegar bath (it really does stink), I will preach to my future granddaughter the benefits of a $2 bottle of vinegar, the same as my Nina has (and does) to me.

Me in a cheetah print sweater w/ Nina

        2)     Some things (like animal print) never go out of style.

For as long as I can remember, animal print, more specifically cheetah print has been a staple in my Nina’s closet. Whether or not she’s pairing a cheetah print turtleneck with black slacks and red lipstick or walking around the house in her velour cheetah print robe and furry black slippers, she always manages to look oh so chic. I will teach my granddaughter that when done right, animal print will make her look like an effortlessly chic lady.

3)     Take LOTS of pictures, always.

Until recently I could never understand why my Nina can go nowhere without her camera, and before the age of digital cameras, several disposable ones. Perhaps it has to do with the fact that I’m getting older and my view on life is changing, but I, like my Nina now love capturing almost every instance of my life on film. In the age of #ThrowbackThursday and #FlashbackFriday, I am also am very appreciative of the fact that my Nina took oodles of pictures of me as a little girl and that I have a seemingly unending supply of pictures from my childhood. I will take tons of pictures of my granddaughter and hope that with age she will realize the significance of capturing those moments. Hopefully when the time comes that she has grandkids, she will do the same.

Nina in her fur coat
         4)     Be a bargain shopper, but every now and then it’s okay to splurge on quality pieces.

If I am a shopaholic, my Nina is a shopping addict. While the majority of her shopping is done at T.J. Maxx, Marshall’s, Ross and even the GoodWill, Nina is also known to drop big bucks on the things she really wants. Just this past December she splurged on a floor length fur coat (lol, yes we live in NC and it doesn’t really get that cold). She has always wanted a fur coat, so she finally made it happen. I will make sure I teach my granddaughter to invest in quality pieces to balance out her closet.
A Slim Nina Circa the 80s

5)     A curvy body is beautiful.

Currently I don’t have the curviest of bodies (don’t get it twisted, I’m not a stick either) but if it’s one thing I’m almost certain of, it’s that one day I will inherit my Nina’s curvaceous bod…it’s pretty much inevitable. In high school I went from wearing a junior’s size 3 to a junior’s size 5 and had a bit of a meltdown. At the time, it seemed like the beginning of the end (six years later and I’m still rocking my 5) and when my mother couldn’t soothe my worrying nerves my Nina took her turn. I can distinctly remember her saying “Girl, one day you’re gonna want a little butt back there” – haha and she was so right. If my granddaughter ever has a meltdown over gaining a little weight, I’ll offer her the same advice.

My Great Grandmother on her 50th  Wedding Anniversary
     6)     Love your parents.

Going on 2 years ago now, my beautiful great grandmother passed away. In the years immediately before her death she became unable to do things for herself and required round the clock care. My Nina was and remains the most devoted daughter to her mother and now father. She cooked, cleaned and comforted my grandma Endia throughout her illness. She showed me that you’re never too old to lay your head in your mother’s lap or play with her hair, or give her a kiss on the cheek. Now with her father, who has since developed Alzheimer’s, she dotes on him just the same. My Nina truly loves her parents and it is evident every time she interacts with them. I want my grandchildren to value family and I will teach those values with my actions.

7)     How to make a lemon cake, the right way.

I love cake. My two favorites are red velvet and lemon cake. While I’m still working on perfecting my red velvet cake baking skills, thanks to my Nina I’ve got lemon cake baking down pact. I can’t share with you the secret to a perfect lemon cake, but I will say store bought icing is not it! My granddaughter will know how to make a proper lemon cake.

8)     Break the mold!

Perhaps one of the cheesiest pickup lines there is, is “Baby they broke the mold when they made you,” but if my Granddaddy would have said this when he first met my Nina he would have been telling the absolute truth. My Nina has never been one to try and fit people’s expectations of her and of all the things I have learned from her I think this is the most important, not to mention what I admire most about her. She is strong-willed, confident and outspoken— all traits that our society often frowns upon women for possessing. She has shown me that it’s okay to be different and that old is a mindset. She continues to break the mold with her spontaneity, spunk and attitude. Of all the things I hope to teach my granddaughter, I think this will be the most important! 


July 10, 2013

Tying the Knot

Shirt: Old Navy (old) / Skirt: Forever21 (old) / Shoes: Keds/ Sunglasses: Forever21 

knotted shirts

This summer one of the trends I've wanted to experiment with is a knotted shirt. This trend works great, if like me you have a top that is grossly out shape and by knotting it you can bring it back to life. My stripped orange tank from Old Navy had seen better days, but being the (clothing) hoarder that I am I had been holding on to simply because I liked the variation in the stripes. After scrolling through Pinterest and seeing oodles of outfits with knotted shirts I decided to knot this top and pair it with  my orange pencil skirt from Forever21 and my Keds. I placed a white cami underneath the tank because it was so loose and low. I think it made for a simple but cute look. 

     Are you a fan of knotted shirts? 

July 7, 2013

Kiki the Riveter

For the 4th of July I didn't set out to look like Rosie the Riveter, but somehow I did...and loved it! I had spent much of the morning preparing for my family's annual 4th of July cookout by setting up decorations and helping my mom and dad with food, so the red scarf had been in my hair most of the day. When it got time for me to get dressed, I was to lazy to fool with my hair so I searched my closet for something that would make it look like my red scarf was an intentional part of my outfit. Which is exactly why this thrifted Ann Taylor shirt dress was the perfect option.

Once I had the dress on, I realized that I looked a lot like Rosie the Riveter. I'm all about Girl Power and being a strong woman, so I actually liked the look a lot. I happened to have a Rosie the Riveter pin that I purchased from the gift shop at Pearl Harbor, so I threw it on and laced up my white Keds! 

Scarf: Dollar Tree/ Dress: Ann Taylor (Thrifted)/ Shoes: Keds/ Pin: Pearl Harbor Gift Shop
What do you think of my Rosie the Riveter inspired look? 

July 4, 2013

Dinner With Anna Wintour

Okay, so maybe I'm not quite on my Kanye West status and having dinner with Anna Wintour, but I was featured on the Teen Vogue website yesterday as the Reader Look of the Day! Teen Vogue is one of my favorite magazines and it is so cool to scroll over to it's website and see MY picture! Check my feature out here!