June 4, 2014


Shades: Rue21 / Shirt: Ebay / Skirt: c/o Deb Shops/ Sandals: ZooShoo / Jewelery: Old Navy 
In December, Beyonce released her self-titled album, Beyonce, and many people were shocked by the edgier sound of her music. Pundits like Bill O'Rielly did all but call the songstress out of her name and argued that "Yonce's" new music made her a bad role model to "girls of color." 

I couldn't disagree more. 

The first song I heard off of the album was Flawless, a musical tirade against misogynistic values and ideals that oppress women. In the four minute song, Beyonce, along with Nigerian author Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie,speak out against social mores that confine women to submissive and subordinate roles to men.I remember hearing Flawless for the first time and being filled with a powerful surge of energy that bordered rage. At the time of the album's release I was going through a Britney Spears-esque "I'm not a girl, not yet a woman" phase and this song  helped me realize that the awkward stage I found myself in, was natural. Just as Beyonce had progressed as an artist and displayed a matured sound, so too have I matured and progressed in my life. A primary way in which I display this is my style. 

Though post graduation I still find myself having to get used to the fact that I'm "grown," the idea of being a full fledged adult is not as scary as it once was. To mirror the transformation I've undergone in the past four years I decided to redesign the blog. Some of you may have noticed that things look a little different, a little more sophisticated, and that is why. This new design reflects the evolution of my style, maturation as a person, and me attempting to embrace grown womanhood.

This outfit was inspired by Beyonce's Flawless as, "I woke up like this," is a popular line from the song.I dressed up the cotton tee with a black pencil skirt, my strappy sandals and black cat-eye shades.Here lately I've been wearing a lot of black and white and this ensemble fits the bill of my current style.   


  1. You better work DIVA! lol...and don't stress about the being "grown".....Grown is when you have a child...until then, enjoy being young and fabulous! Thanks for linking up! Hope to see you more on the blog! xoxo

  2. Simple but chic. Love

  3. I'm really into graphic t-shirts at the moment. I love the way how you're sporting the whole black look like a dress. It looks dressy but casual.

  4. love this look!! your style is fierce girl, keep it up!!

    Tara Belle

  5. Simple yet so stylish. Love the top a lot!! Beautiful lady. :-)