: having or showing a lot of experience and knowledge about the world and about culture, art, literature, etc.

: attractive to fashionable or sophisticated people

: highly developed and complex. 

I'm Kierra, a 
22- year-old Southern girl, with a penchant for anything hot pink and an insatiable craving for Mexican food. I'm the brains (and beauty!) behind this blog, birthed from my high school dream of becoming the next Anna Wintour. As a recent college graduate, I'm easing my way into the "real world" the best way I know how-- adding work essentials to my wardrobe, looking for a job and reading every career oriented book that I can get my hands on. When I'm not shopping, fixated on a pair of designer heels, or plotting ways to save up for a new bag (i.e. this Zac Posen...go ahead, swoon.), I'm on Twitter stalking the latest news stories and yes, every now and then, celebrity gossip. Unbeknownst to many is the fact that I have an alter ego, named Kiki. She frequently appears in text messages and tweets and has a bad habit of speaking in third person. Kiki has two personas: 

  • Flyy Kiki - She's loves to dress up and a good tube of lipstick

  • Kiki X- Inspired by the legacy of Malcolm X, she feels a strong sense of [cultural] responsibility and exercises the power of her pen as a journalist. 

Though these "alter egos" could best be described as the far right and far left extremes of my personality, at my core, I'm Kierra a soft spoken and headstrong stylista determined to write a few good news stories and fashion my own success.  
 So Sophisticated. 1992 is the space I have devoted to sharing my many musings, outfits and journey with the world. I hope you'll stylishly follow along