December 25, 2011

Christmas 2011: Rocking Winter Blues

While across America brawls broke out with people fighting-- yes, literally fighting trying to get a pair of  Air Jordan Concords, my parents waltzed right into Macy's asked for a pair of  Steve Madden Brandyy Boots in  a size 8 1/2, paid for them and then continued on their Merry little way! Yes, while half of America was fighting over a stupid pair of shoes, that in 6 months time will have been replaced with something "cooler" my parents were able to score me a pair of boots that will be a staple in my closet for years to come. 

Steve Madden Boots, A Jessica Simpson purse, an iPhone, clothes, and cash-- that pretty much sums up my Christmas and I must say that, I'm one happy little girl :). 

While I was dreaming of a White Christmas, North Carolina had other plans in store. The high for the day was 54 degrees. I opted not to wear the same old same old red and green and instead put on my new dress from Rue21with blue, purple, and black stripes (only $4!), black leggings and a black t-shirt, and my new cognac brown Steve Madden Boots. 

Merry Christmas Everyone

Kisses from Kierra

December 19, 2011

Christmas Wishlist 2011

Hello Lovely Sophisticated People! 

I know I've been gone for a while now, but I've been crazy busy preparing for exams and trying to finish out the semester strong. Thankfully, my hard work paid off and I made the Dean's List for the semester. Now, with exams out of the way I have the time to focus on other things and hopefully in the next few weeks I won't be such a negligent blogger. I promise that you can expect a new, regular post in the near future!

That said, in lieu of the Christmas Holiday I decided to share with you guys my Christmas Wishlist. Pink satin pumps from Aldo, a red blazer, red jeans, UGG Boots, an Iphone...and good 'ole cash. Hopefully Santa will be good to me this year and bring me everything on my list!

Kisses from Kierra 


November 25, 2011

Cotton Fields, Turkey, & Carolina Blue

Now, before I go any further, I'd just like to make a disclaimer: I bleed NC State RED. But, growing up under Carolina Skies, its hard not to have a special place in my heart for that good 'ole Carolina blue

That said, I ventured east to my Nina and Gannie's for Thanksgiving. I posted about my Nina earlier this summer in my post, Buggin' Out With My "Nita Bug". All my Gannie's toys (ie. his old Ford pickup and lawnmower) were my props of choice. Their yard is huge and full of great places to take pictures. 

Behind their house, my grandparents own a giant piece of land and their is also a cotton field. Never having touched cotton in it's natural state my Nina took me back into the cotton field to let me touch some and it turned into the perfect photo op. 

...and somehow, we migrated from the cotton fields to her garden and picking turnip greens. Yes, we are country (but still oh so sophisticated). 

For Thanksgiving I wore Diva jeans from OldNavy that I got for $6 (OldNavy was having a killer sale, an additional 50% of their clearance the day before Thanksgiving.), a blue American Apparel button down that I got to keep from the American Apparel styling session, a fur cardigan from Ann Taylor The Loft, and my brown Steve Madden Troopa boots. 

                                        Hope y'all had a great Thanksgiving!

Kisses from Kierra 

November 24, 2011

Blogger's Do It Better Challenge: Military Chic

 When you think of military, I'm almost 100% certain that the color pink is not the first thing that comes to your mind. To be honest, its not the first thing that comes to my mind either, but I have been known to be a little unconventional so that would help explain my decision to wear a hot pink sweater for Pretty Shiny Sparkly's latest installment of the Bloggers Do It Better Challenge.

Prissy and proud of it I decided to add a little pizazz to an otherwise bland outfit of army green cargos and a white tee, by throwing on a hot pink cropped sweater I picked up at H&M while in New York, my black Steve Madden Troopa Boots and my sister's Hello Kitty necklace.

When I wasn't busy striking poses in leaves, I spent the day running errands with my mother and preparing for Thanksgiving. Also, home from school on break, I took a little time out to play with my little pig in a blanket dog, Fifi.  As you can see, she was ready for her close up! 
Me and my doggie Fifi 

Have a great Thanksgiving! 

                                      Kisses from Kierra 

November 19, 2011

Live for today. Plan for tomorrow. Party tonight.

It's homecoming! Which means a weekend full of fun homecoming festivities. To start my weekend I went to the Greek stroll off, and a Wayans Brothers Comedy Show, all decked out in my school colors...I mean it's only fitting! These pictures were taken inside of and around our infamous Freedom of Expression Tunnel, where students can paint and express whatever they want.

 Due to my new found obsession with the Guess Brand, (their jeans fit me amazingly!) I was inspired to do a simple, but (dare I say) sexy look. My jeans are the cigarette fit from guess, my red top and faux leather jacket were both pieces from Marshalls, my necklace, came from the jewelry box of my friend Akua, and my red Guess heels...just one of the goodies I picked up in New York.

 I had originally planned to wear this pretty silk orange top that I got from H&M but the homecoming spirit hit me and I instead decided to go with good ole' red. It doesn't hurt that red is the go to color of the season either. 
I had so much fun tonight and am looking forward to all the other things my weekend has in store!

Kisses from Kierra 

November 13, 2011

Farewell to the City: Teen Vogue Fashion U Part 3

Lauryn Hill said it best with her 1997 hit "The Sweetest Thing" when she said, " How sad, how sad that all things come to  an end," that is how I felt as I wrapped up my weekend in New York City. Call it my ode to the Big Apple, but on my last day at Teen Vogue Fashion U, I decided to spice things up a little bit in my candy apple red ankle pants from the Limited, shimmery blouse from Express and black blazer from Forever21. My brooch was thrifted. 

The last class of Teen Vogue Fashion U consisted of a panel of successful bloggers including Hillary Kerr and Katherine Powers, founders of the online magazine sharing with TVFU students how they have used social networking and the internet to both reach and interact with their audiences and consumers. 

After this, TVFU students officially had all the credits needed to graduate and a graduation ceremony followed. Here is my diploma :) 
Now that I've had a little taste of big city living and have had the opportunity to see what it's really like to work for a major fashion magazine, I am even more driven toward reaching my dreams. The sky is the limit right? I guess only time will tell, until then.....
~solo el tiempo dira~ 

                                             Kisses from Kierra

p.s. Here's a look at all the free goodies I got at TVFU! 

November 11, 2011

Teen Vogue Fashion U Pt. 2

Soooo, I am officially back from my two week hiatus-- well, at least until it's time to start preparing for finals. On the heels of my New York Trip I had a whole slew of midterms, tests, group projects, and presentations to complete and if I ever want to make my permanent residence in the Big Apple, I've first got to get my degree. Which meant I had to step away from Blogger and for that matter the entire blogger-sphere, and trust it was not an easy thing to do, but, somehow I managed. However, it feels good to be back and I'm ready to pick up just where I left off...Part 2 & 3 of my NYC/ Teen Vogue Fashion U trip!  Here's a look at my schedule:

Session 1- 9:45 am 
The American Icon (Michael Kors)
Hudson Theatre

The second day of TVFU began at the Hudson Theater with Teen Vogue Editor in Chief, Amy Astley introducing keynote speaker, Michael Kors. Decked out in all black and New Balance sneakers, Kors shared with us how he made his way through the ranks to reach the level of success that he has. Of all the things he said, this is what struck me the most, "What's perfect is knowing yourself and what's right for you." I don't think anything could be truer.                                                                                                                                                    

Anyways, following the introduction with Michael Kors I made the short walk across the street to the Conde Nast Building to begin the rest of my day.

Session 2- 11:05 am 
The Master of Layout (Katia Kuethe)
Session 3- 12:25 pm
Styling with Teen Vogue Fashion Market Editor (Mary Kate Steinmiller)
Mary Kate and I 

Session 3 was definitely one of my favorite sessions of the day. During this session we were broken into four groups and given the assignment to style some American Apparel pieces for a Teen Vogue Photo Shoot. Once all the looks were styled a group leader had to be selected from each group to explain the inspiration for the look that the group had styled. Members of the winning group got to keep two pieces of clothing each, while all the other groups got to keep one piece each. While my group didn't win, I still think we pulled off a pretty good look, especially since all of us had very different styles! 
The look my group styled 
Jessica Simpson Showroom
Ok, this was also another highlight of my day! As soon as Session 3 was over I along with about 20 other girls who were given the special opportunity to go to the Jessica Simpson Showroom left the Conde Nast building in cars waiting just for us. Once we reached our destination, we rode the elevator all the way up to the 15th floor of the 16 story building and walked straight into Heaven! 

Shoes, clothes, chandeliers, galore! Aside from that, gift bags were awaiting us as well. Inside of them was a cup, coupon for a pair of Jessica Simpson shoes, an item of clothing from the Jessica Simpson Collection as well as a bottle of her perfume, I Fancy You. Members of Jessica's design team spoke to us about how they landed their jobs and what goes into running a billion dollar business. They even shared with us some of the new Jessica Simpson Collection shoes that will be coming out this Spring. 

Session 4- 2:35 pm
The Creative Genius (Betsey Johnson)
I was a little upset, because my lunch at the Jessica Simpson Showroom ran long, I wasn't able to get a good seat to see Betsey Johnson. In fact, I ended up sitting on the floor in 4 inch heels in a room jam packed with people. But I guess for a glimpse of the teeny tiny Betsey it was all worth it. 

That little blonde lady in the front, yeah, that's the 'Creative Genuis'-- Ms.Betsey Johnson
Session 5- 3:55 pm
The Visual Gatekeeper (Linda Fargo)
Although, I had never heard of Linda Fargo before, she is one person that I know I will never forget. The red pants and cheetah print jacket she had on, will forever be etched in my brain. To be honest, she reminded me of a real life Cruella Deville but given how stunning she is, that is such a good thing. Fargo is the  Senior Vice President, Fashion Office and Store Presentation of Bergdorf Goodman.  
Linda Fargo

Session 6- 5:15

The Teen Vogue Editors 
Saturday wrapped up with a session with the editors of Teen Vogue Magazine, each sharing advice and personal stories with all the TVFU students. 

Part 3....coming soon! 

Kisses from Kierra

October 27, 2011

Because I'm a Lady. That's Why.

My mama always said, "There's three things a girl should know: How to act like a lady, think like a man, and work like a dog." 

...Okay, so maybe my mama didn't say this, but I'm sure at some point in her life she's ran across or maybe even heard the quote. And while this may not be my mother's exact mantra, that fact hasn't prevented her from raising two little ladies of her own :) .  

Originally I was going to continue posting about my trip to NYC and about Teen Vogue Fashion U, but after I put together this cute little outfit on a whim Tuesday morning, I couldn't resist sharing it with you guys. Probably the most dreaded class for all college students, I had a speech to give in my Public Speaking class on Tuesday and I need an outfit that was polished and well put together, but not stuffy. 

This dress was just one of the goodies that I picked up in NYC at the H&M shopping event. I love the color and on the material was perfect for the bipolar North Carolina weather that we are currently experiencing. I paired it with fish net tights that my little sister gave me for Christmas last year and my favorite cognac brown  boots from Charlotte Russe. I absolutely loved this look. Something about just made me feel ultra feminine and extra cute. 

Dresses always make feel so sophisticated and like a lady!  What is the one piece of clothing or outfit that you wear that makes you feel like a sophisticated lady? I'd love to see your sophisticated lady looks!

Here are instructions for how to share a link for your so sophisticated looks below: 

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5. In the "Link it to:" field, insert the url of the specific post, not of your entire blog!

Can't wait to see the sophisticated looks that you all put together!!

Kisses from Kierra 

October 26, 2011

Welcome to The Good Life

 Boy, this must  be the life! Imagine it. You get all dressed up— nails done, hair done, everything did— and head to the Fashion Capital of the world, New York City, for a totally “EnVogue” party. What makes this party so “EnVogue” you ask? Well, besides the fact that its hosted by Teen Vogue Magazine, the fact that the 500 guests in attendance were hand selected by the editorial staff of Teen Vogue Magazine. Also, these same 500 people will likely be some of fashions biggest superstars, and they’re all gathered in the same place at the same time. To be exact, they are all gathered in the H&M store on East  42nd and 5th streets, which by the way was closed just for their shopping pleasures. What makes it even more surreal, is that you are among those people. 
Yes, that must be the life and last weekend I got my first taste of it! 
After the longest 10 hour ride  of my life, I arrived in New York City and was immediately intrigued by all of the lights (I promise this post is not an homage to Kanye West...promise). Though I've been to NYC several times in the past, this time was a bit different in that it was as a result of my own accomplishment. Needles to say I was ready to begin my stint at Teen Vogue Fashion University and more importantly my night. For the occasion  I got a lil' fancy in a pair of silk leopard shorts from Cache, a sheer tie neck blouse from OldNavy, Jessica Simpson Collection tights, and boots from T.J. Maxx. My cross necklace and gold bracelet were from Forever 21 while my gold hoops came from Express

Where it all went down

A look inside the party
The H&M shopping event was a lot of fun and me being me one of the best part of my night was checking out all of the amazing outfits. Not only that, but there was also a 25% discount for the students of  Teen Vogue Fashion U, hors d'oeuvres, an incredible DJ and a live band. 

Okay, so besides being surrounded by gorgeous people and gorgeous clothing ( I've never been so aesthetically pleased before!) The absolute best part of my night was being able to spend time with my best friend, who is currently in NYC pursing her modeling dream! Luckily, Fashion U students were allowed to bring one guest with them to Friday nights shopping event, and given that I hadn't seen my bestie in over 2 months I thought it would be the perfect time for us to catch up! 
A'storia and I waiting in line for the party to begin
A'storia with her Farrah Fawcett going on
Friday night was just the kick off of my three day weekend in New York City and at Teen Vogue Fashion U, but just from the first night I knew the rest of my trip was going to be a blast! This was all just the start of The Good Life.

Stay tuned for parts 2 & 3!

Kisses from Kierra