November 19, 2011

Live for today. Plan for tomorrow. Party tonight.

It's homecoming! Which means a weekend full of fun homecoming festivities. To start my weekend I went to the Greek stroll off, and a Wayans Brothers Comedy Show, all decked out in my school colors...I mean it's only fitting! These pictures were taken inside of and around our infamous Freedom of Expression Tunnel, where students can paint and express whatever they want.

 Due to my new found obsession with the Guess Brand, (their jeans fit me amazingly!) I was inspired to do a simple, but (dare I say) sexy look. My jeans are the cigarette fit from guess, my red top and faux leather jacket were both pieces from Marshalls, my necklace, came from the jewelry box of my friend Akua, and my red Guess heels...just one of the goodies I picked up in New York.

 I had originally planned to wear this pretty silk orange top that I got from H&M but the homecoming spirit hit me and I instead decided to go with good ole' red. It doesn't hurt that red is the go to color of the season either. 
I had so much fun tonight and am looking forward to all the other things my weekend has in store!

Kisses from Kierra 

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