November 11, 2011

Teen Vogue Fashion U Pt. 2

Soooo, I am officially back from my two week hiatus-- well, at least until it's time to start preparing for finals. On the heels of my New York Trip I had a whole slew of midterms, tests, group projects, and presentations to complete and if I ever want to make my permanent residence in the Big Apple, I've first got to get my degree. Which meant I had to step away from Blogger and for that matter the entire blogger-sphere, and trust it was not an easy thing to do, but, somehow I managed. However, it feels good to be back and I'm ready to pick up just where I left off...Part 2 & 3 of my NYC/ Teen Vogue Fashion U trip!  Here's a look at my schedule:

Session 1- 9:45 am 
The American Icon (Michael Kors)
Hudson Theatre

The second day of TVFU began at the Hudson Theater with Teen Vogue Editor in Chief, Amy Astley introducing keynote speaker, Michael Kors. Decked out in all black and New Balance sneakers, Kors shared with us how he made his way through the ranks to reach the level of success that he has. Of all the things he said, this is what struck me the most, "What's perfect is knowing yourself and what's right for you." I don't think anything could be truer.                                                                                                                                                    

Anyways, following the introduction with Michael Kors I made the short walk across the street to the Conde Nast Building to begin the rest of my day.

Session 2- 11:05 am 
The Master of Layout (Katia Kuethe)
Session 3- 12:25 pm
Styling with Teen Vogue Fashion Market Editor (Mary Kate Steinmiller)
Mary Kate and I 

Session 3 was definitely one of my favorite sessions of the day. During this session we were broken into four groups and given the assignment to style some American Apparel pieces for a Teen Vogue Photo Shoot. Once all the looks were styled a group leader had to be selected from each group to explain the inspiration for the look that the group had styled. Members of the winning group got to keep two pieces of clothing each, while all the other groups got to keep one piece each. While my group didn't win, I still think we pulled off a pretty good look, especially since all of us had very different styles! 
The look my group styled 
Jessica Simpson Showroom
Ok, this was also another highlight of my day! As soon as Session 3 was over I along with about 20 other girls who were given the special opportunity to go to the Jessica Simpson Showroom left the Conde Nast building in cars waiting just for us. Once we reached our destination, we rode the elevator all the way up to the 15th floor of the 16 story building and walked straight into Heaven! 

Shoes, clothes, chandeliers, galore! Aside from that, gift bags were awaiting us as well. Inside of them was a cup, coupon for a pair of Jessica Simpson shoes, an item of clothing from the Jessica Simpson Collection as well as a bottle of her perfume, I Fancy You. Members of Jessica's design team spoke to us about how they landed their jobs and what goes into running a billion dollar business. They even shared with us some of the new Jessica Simpson Collection shoes that will be coming out this Spring. 

Session 4- 2:35 pm
The Creative Genius (Betsey Johnson)
I was a little upset, because my lunch at the Jessica Simpson Showroom ran long, I wasn't able to get a good seat to see Betsey Johnson. In fact, I ended up sitting on the floor in 4 inch heels in a room jam packed with people. But I guess for a glimpse of the teeny tiny Betsey it was all worth it. 

That little blonde lady in the front, yeah, that's the 'Creative Genuis'-- Ms.Betsey Johnson
Session 5- 3:55 pm
The Visual Gatekeeper (Linda Fargo)
Although, I had never heard of Linda Fargo before, she is one person that I know I will never forget. The red pants and cheetah print jacket she had on, will forever be etched in my brain. To be honest, she reminded me of a real life Cruella Deville but given how stunning she is, that is such a good thing. Fargo is the  Senior Vice President, Fashion Office and Store Presentation of Bergdorf Goodman.  
Linda Fargo

Session 6- 5:15

The Teen Vogue Editors 
Saturday wrapped up with a session with the editors of Teen Vogue Magazine, each sharing advice and personal stories with all the TVFU students. 

Part 3....coming soon! 

Kisses from Kierra

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