October 27, 2011

Because I'm a Lady. That's Why.

My mama always said, "There's three things a girl should know: How to act like a lady, think like a man, and work like a dog." 

...Okay, so maybe my mama didn't say this, but I'm sure at some point in her life she's ran across or maybe even heard the quote. And while this may not be my mother's exact mantra, that fact hasn't prevented her from raising two little ladies of her own :) .  

Originally I was going to continue posting about my trip to NYC and about Teen Vogue Fashion U, but after I put together this cute little outfit on a whim Tuesday morning, I couldn't resist sharing it with you guys. Probably the most dreaded class for all college students, I had a speech to give in my Public Speaking class on Tuesday and I need an outfit that was polished and well put together, but not stuffy. 

This dress was just one of the goodies that I picked up in NYC at the H&M shopping event. I love the color and on the material was perfect for the bipolar North Carolina weather that we are currently experiencing. I paired it with fish net tights that my little sister gave me for Christmas last year and my favorite cognac brown  boots from Charlotte Russe. I absolutely loved this look. Something about just made me feel ultra feminine and extra cute. 

Dresses always make feel so sophisticated and like a lady!  What is the one piece of clothing or outfit that you wear that makes you feel like a sophisticated lady? I'd love to see your sophisticated lady looks!

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Can't wait to see the sophisticated looks that you all put together!!

Kisses from Kierra 

October 26, 2011

Welcome to The Good Life

 Boy, this must  be the life! Imagine it. You get all dressed up— nails done, hair done, everything did— and head to the Fashion Capital of the world, New York City, for a totally “EnVogue” party. What makes this party so “EnVogue” you ask? Well, besides the fact that its hosted by Teen Vogue Magazine, the fact that the 500 guests in attendance were hand selected by the editorial staff of Teen Vogue Magazine. Also, these same 500 people will likely be some of fashions biggest superstars, and they’re all gathered in the same place at the same time. To be exact, they are all gathered in the H&M store on East  42nd and 5th streets, which by the way was closed just for their shopping pleasures. What makes it even more surreal, is that you are among those people. 
Yes, that must be the life and last weekend I got my first taste of it! 
After the longest 10 hour ride  of my life, I arrived in New York City and was immediately intrigued by all of the lights (I promise this post is not an homage to Kanye West...promise). Though I've been to NYC several times in the past, this time was a bit different in that it was as a result of my own accomplishment. Needles to say I was ready to begin my stint at Teen Vogue Fashion University and more importantly my night. For the occasion  I got a lil' fancy in a pair of silk leopard shorts from Cache, a sheer tie neck blouse from OldNavy, Jessica Simpson Collection tights, and boots from T.J. Maxx. My cross necklace and gold bracelet were from Forever 21 while my gold hoops came from Express

Where it all went down

A look inside the party
The H&M shopping event was a lot of fun and me being me one of the best part of my night was checking out all of the amazing outfits. Not only that, but there was also a 25% discount for the students of  Teen Vogue Fashion U, hors d'oeuvres, an incredible DJ and a live band. 

Okay, so besides being surrounded by gorgeous people and gorgeous clothing ( I've never been so aesthetically pleased before!) The absolute best part of my night was being able to spend time with my best friend, who is currently in NYC pursing her modeling dream! Luckily, Fashion U students were allowed to bring one guest with them to Friday nights shopping event, and given that I hadn't seen my bestie in over 2 months I thought it would be the perfect time for us to catch up! 
A'storia and I waiting in line for the party to begin
A'storia with her Farrah Fawcett going on
Friday night was just the kick off of my three day weekend in New York City and at Teen Vogue Fashion U, but just from the first night I knew the rest of my trip was going to be a blast! This was all just the start of The Good Life.

Stay tuned for parts 2 & 3!

Kisses from Kierra 

October 9, 2011

Pretty In Pink

Now,  I know I'm not Molly Ringwald and as hard as it may be to believe I'm not 16 either, BUT  for as long as I can remember I've had a long standing love affair with the color pink. So much so that my room is pink, much of my wardrobe is pink...even my first car was a shade of pink! That said, in normal Kierra fashion, I decided to go for a Pretty in Pink look for the Christening of my new baby cousin.  While he was all decked out in his white satin Christening suit, I was making a bold statement in my pink. 

Molly Ringwald in the 1986 film Pretty in Pink

My dress from The Limited was a Christmas gift from my daddy last year, the brooch belongs to my mom but lets just  say she hasn't noticed that it hasn't been in her jewelry box for the last six months. My tights are Betsey Johnson and are patterned (you can't tell from the photos!) and my cute bag I lucked up on in Ross yesterday after telling my mom I wanted a Chanel purse or at least a faux one for the time being. 

Although 'Crimson' is the official go to color for the fall season, hot pink makes for a dashing alternative. For dresses similar to mine check out these looks: Asos or  Lulu's 

Kisses from Kierra