June 17, 2013


Skirt: Gap / Shirt: Rue21 (Similar)/ Sandals: Marshall's (Similar)/ Necklace: Rue21 (Similar)

Pop! That is what I originally set out to do with these balloons left over from my Grandmother's 80th birthday celebration, but some how I ended up taking pictures with them instead. A pop of color is also what my yellow shirt added to my fun tribal printed skirt. I got many compliments on this combo and I must say that it is one of my favorite outfits that I've put together this summer. 

On sale at Gap, the skirt runs a little large. The one I'm wearing is a size 0 (2 sizes down) and was still a little big in the waist, so I would recommend buying it in a smaller size than usual. My shirt was purchased last summer from Rue21 as were my bracelets and "dream" necklace. My sandals were a recent purchase from Marshall's.

June 11, 2013

The Graduation

This is the face I make when I see a bug. LOL

The Graduate and I!

This past Saturday, my little cousin graduated from high school! I made the trip to watch her walk across the stage and decided for the occasion I wanted to wear something simple but that still boasted a touch of class.  With that in mind, I wore for the first time a pair of high-waisted linen pants that I found at the thrift store. They are part of a suit set from Cache. With them I paired a single sleeved ruffle blouse from Marshall's and a purple belt that came with this romper I purchased last summer. My sandals are from a local shoe store here in Greensboro. Nothing too extraordinary, but cute enough, right? I snapped these pics outside by my grandfather's grape plant and figured I share! 

June 5, 2013

Your Not From Around Here, Are You?

Shirt: Thrifted (Similar), Skirt: JcPenny's (Similar) Sandals: Rainbow (Similar),
Earrings: Forever21, Clutch: Thrifted

I'm back with more chronicles of my Hawaiian Adventure! Though I am not one for the club scene, after nearly a week in Honolulu, my friend Chanelle and a I decided it was time to test out the waters in a Hawaiian nightclub. So, we got all dressed up in our chicest club attire and set out to have some fun. Little did we know we would be the most overdressed girls in the club! Most ladies were dressed in jeans, leggings, crop tops and flip flops.  We didn't mind much however as both of us are always looking for an excuse to get dressed up. 

All night we were approached by guys who said "You're not from around here, are you?" Obviously we couldn't say that we were (our outfits gave us away) so we said that we were from California, and despite our southern girl charm and accents, everyone we talked to believed it. 

I'm not sure if the fact that people actually believed we were from California is harder to believe than the fact that my whole outfit was less than $50 bucks. My Shirt was thrifted as was my clutch, shoes were a $25 purchase from Rainbow and my skirt was purchased on clearance last winter from JcPenny's for $6. 

Would you ever get this glammed up for a trip to a nightclub? 

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June 4, 2013

Kierra as Kiki Homemaker

I guess the title of this post could be a little misleading given that I'm not a homemaker, but something about this outfit did make me feel Joan Cleaver-esque. 

Dress: Gap

Blazer: Nordstrom (Thrifted) Shoes: Madden Girl (similar) Bag: Kate Spade

Largely because of the A-line shape of my dress and the bold bright colors, I feel like I could have easily fit the role of a 1960s housewife ...too bad I can't cook. I wore this outfit to church on Sunday, and because it can get a little cool in the building, I threw on my sherbert colored blazer. I accessorized with a baby pink and gold spiked necklace I got from the flea market while on vacation in Hawaii, my Michael Kors watch, and multi-colored snake print pumps. My favorite accessory of the day however had to be my new hot pink Kate Spade purse, also one of the goodies I brought back from Hawaii! 

I think subconsciously I knew what I was doing as I was putting this outfit together, because one of my favorite music videos just so happens to be Beyonce's Why Don't You Love Me, in which she portrays a 1960s (scorned) housewife, by the name of  B.B. Homemaker. I've watched it a million times. Check it out below. 



June 2, 2013

Girl in the Red Skirt

Top: Ralph Lauren- Thrifted Skirt: Thrifted Shades: Forver21 Sandals: Tommy Hilfiger

Yesterday, I was the girl in the red skirt as I joined my family in an impromptu outing to the movies. During the summer I pretty much live in skirts and dresses which is why I was so excited about this bright red skirt I found at a new thrift store in my hometown. I'm almost certain that this skirt will be one of my go to pieces in the next few months. The whole time I had it on yesterday, I felt like a matador getting ready to take part in the Running of the Bulls.
 Though I never did see a bull, I did see 42, the biographic film about Jackie Robinson. When I was in the 2nd grade, I did a project on Jackie Robinson and had to read a book about him. The film however, introduced me to his wife, Rachel Robinson. If Mrs. Robinson sense of style was anything like the way it was depicted in the film, she was most definitely a VERY stylish woman. I read in an article that she and Jackie waited five years before they got married 1) because Mrs. Robinson wanted to obtain her degree before marrying and 2) she wanted Jackie to have a job....just two more reasons I have a new found admiration for her. 

What are some things/ traits you admire about other people?

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