June 5, 2013

Your Not From Around Here, Are You?

Shirt: Thrifted (Similar), Skirt: JcPenny's (Similar) Sandals: Rainbow (Similar),
Earrings: Forever21, Clutch: Thrifted

I'm back with more chronicles of my Hawaiian Adventure! Though I am not one for the club scene, after nearly a week in Honolulu, my friend Chanelle and a I decided it was time to test out the waters in a Hawaiian nightclub. So, we got all dressed up in our chicest club attire and set out to have some fun. Little did we know we would be the most overdressed girls in the club! Most ladies were dressed in jeans, leggings, crop tops and flip flops.  We didn't mind much however as both of us are always looking for an excuse to get dressed up. 

All night we were approached by guys who said "You're not from around here, are you?" Obviously we couldn't say that we were (our outfits gave us away) so we said that we were from California, and despite our southern girl charm and accents, everyone we talked to believed it. 

I'm not sure if the fact that people actually believed we were from California is harder to believe than the fact that my whole outfit was less than $50 bucks. My Shirt was thrifted as was my clutch, shoes were a $25 purchase from Rainbow and my skirt was purchased on clearance last winter from JcPenny's for $6. 

Would you ever get this glammed up for a trip to a nightclub? 

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