June 2, 2013

Girl in the Red Skirt

Top: Ralph Lauren- Thrifted Skirt: Thrifted Shades: Forver21 Sandals: Tommy Hilfiger

Yesterday, I was the girl in the red skirt as I joined my family in an impromptu outing to the movies. During the summer I pretty much live in skirts and dresses which is why I was so excited about this bright red skirt I found at a new thrift store in my hometown. I'm almost certain that this skirt will be one of my go to pieces in the next few months. The whole time I had it on yesterday, I felt like a matador getting ready to take part in the Running of the Bulls.
 Though I never did see a bull, I did see 42, the biographic film about Jackie Robinson. When I was in the 2nd grade, I did a project on Jackie Robinson and had to read a book about him. The film however, introduced me to his wife, Rachel Robinson. If Mrs. Robinson sense of style was anything like the way it was depicted in the film, she was most definitely a VERY stylish woman. I read in an article that she and Jackie waited five years before they got married 1) because Mrs. Robinson wanted to obtain her degree before marrying and 2) she wanted Jackie to have a job....just two more reasons I have a new found admiration for her. 

What are some things/ traits you admire about other people?

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  1. Wow that red skirt is gorgeous. It is such a vibrant colour. It just works perfectly with the top. Great look xx

    Heroine In Heels