July 10, 2014

South of the Border

Last weekend my family took an impromptu trip south of the North Carolina border to the quaint downtown area of Greenville, S.C. I took tons of pictures, but here are just a few of the sites, I saw while there.  

We took a walk across Liberty Bridge at Falls Park. This bridge has a unique suspension system, and as a result you can feel it sway as you walk across it. I'm not really a big fan of heights, or bridges, so this was my mothers failed attempt at freaking me out just a little bit more while I posed on the bridge for a picture. 

We ate at Cantinflas a Mexican restaurant. I am a Mexican food critic, and though I've yet to find a Mexican restaurant that compares to my hometown favorite, I will say that my Mayan quesadilla was pretty tasty.

We also took a horse and carriage ride and I posed with Bonnie for a quick picture. 

Finally, there was no shortage of hot cars like this Corvette. Little known fact about me, I love cars. 

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