July 16, 2014

My One Month Hairfinity Results

For about a year now I've wanted to try Hairfinity, a nutritional supplement that promotes hair growth but found myself hesitating to do so because I wasn't sure of whether or not I would experience negative side effects like skin breakouts. I finally mustered up the courage to buy my first bottle after the coaxing of my stylist and the fragile condition of my hair. Pre Hairfinity my hair was brittle, shedding like crazy and breaking at the edges. 

The picture on the left was taken a week before I started Hairfinity and the picture on the  right was taken a week before I finished my first bottle. Though I haven't seen much of difference in length [yet] my relaxed hair is much thicker, shinnier and overall healthier. Before taking Hairfinity I read and watched many reviews and some people complained of their skin reacting badly to the pills.I haven't had any such problems, but I have been pratically guzzling water (2-3 bottles a day) to help keep my skin clear. 

Hairfinity is $25 a bottle and while it is a bit pricey, I think it is well worth the investment. I know many people opt to take Biotin instead because it is much cheaper (roughly $5 a bottle)my hair stylist advised me to stay away from it saying it is extremely potent and can actually cause breakage rather than growth. 

Order a bottle of Hairfinity here, or, if you are in the Greensboro, NC area stop by Millennium Styling Studio to pick up a bottle. Also, checkout my amazing stylist Tonya [@hairqeen] while you're there! 


  1. Very interesting. I called myself trying out Manetabolism, but I couldn't stick with it!! I bought another bottle and vowed to give it another good trying. You've encouraged me to get going!! Your hair looks great and I can notice a different between the two pictures!

  2. i use MSM and it does the same thing but for just 10 dollars and it's all natural.

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