October 9, 2011

Pretty In Pink

Now,  I know I'm not Molly Ringwald and as hard as it may be to believe I'm not 16 either, BUT  for as long as I can remember I've had a long standing love affair with the color pink. So much so that my room is pink, much of my wardrobe is pink...even my first car was a shade of pink! That said, in normal Kierra fashion, I decided to go for a Pretty in Pink look for the Christening of my new baby cousin.  While he was all decked out in his white satin Christening suit, I was making a bold statement in my pink. 

Molly Ringwald in the 1986 film Pretty in Pink

My dress from The Limited was a Christmas gift from my daddy last year, the brooch belongs to my mom but lets just  say she hasn't noticed that it hasn't been in her jewelry box for the last six months. My tights are Betsey Johnson and are patterned (you can't tell from the photos!) and my cute bag I lucked up on in Ross yesterday after telling my mom I wanted a Chanel purse or at least a faux one for the time being. 

Although 'Crimson' is the official go to color for the fall season, hot pink makes for a dashing alternative. For dresses similar to mine check out these looks: Asos or  Lulu's 

Kisses from Kierra 

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