November 25, 2011

Cotton Fields, Turkey, & Carolina Blue

Now, before I go any further, I'd just like to make a disclaimer: I bleed NC State RED. But, growing up under Carolina Skies, its hard not to have a special place in my heart for that good 'ole Carolina blue

That said, I ventured east to my Nina and Gannie's for Thanksgiving. I posted about my Nina earlier this summer in my post, Buggin' Out With My "Nita Bug". All my Gannie's toys (ie. his old Ford pickup and lawnmower) were my props of choice. Their yard is huge and full of great places to take pictures. 

Behind their house, my grandparents own a giant piece of land and their is also a cotton field. Never having touched cotton in it's natural state my Nina took me back into the cotton field to let me touch some and it turned into the perfect photo op. 

...and somehow, we migrated from the cotton fields to her garden and picking turnip greens. Yes, we are country (but still oh so sophisticated). 

For Thanksgiving I wore Diva jeans from OldNavy that I got for $6 (OldNavy was having a killer sale, an additional 50% of their clearance the day before Thanksgiving.), a blue American Apparel button down that I got to keep from the American Apparel styling session, a fur cardigan from Ann Taylor The Loft, and my brown Steve Madden Troopa boots. 

                                        Hope y'all had a great Thanksgiving!

Kisses from Kierra 

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