June 9, 2014

Purple Reign

Top: Zara (thrifted) / Jeans: Gap / Purse: Kate Spade / Pumps: Steve Madden / Shades: Rue21 
On this month's cover of Essence magazine is music legend, Prince, who turned 56 on Saturday. In the magazine, Prince shares his [recent] decision to refrain from using profanity in his music. Though for many people Prince, the artist, is synonymous with racy lyrics and good music, for me, mention of Prince elicits thoughts of curls, platform heels and of course, a long purple trench coat. Even though this outfit doesn't quite match the grandiosity of something Prince would likely wear, the richness of the purple hue and silky texture of the top made me think of him and his Purple Rain music video nonetheless. 

I came across this purple silk tunic in Goodwill one day last week, and despite its enormity, had to have. Purple is not a color I wear often, so the uniqueness of this color to my wardrobe only made me want it more. Before long I'm going to have to retire these ripped jeans, but for as long as I can still wiggle my way into them, I plan to keep them around. I threw these on with the top to add a little bit of a grungy edge to the look, but sprinkled back in hints of prissiness with my pink and purple snakeskin pumps and hot pink Kate Spade. I wore this to my younger cousin's graduation party for something that was casual and youthful, but most of all, sophisticated. I have plans of belting this tunic so that it can be worn as a dress. I guess one good thing about it being so blousy is that its pretty versatile. 

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