June 21, 2011

Good Will = Good Times

Today started out as a day strictly devoted to cleaning and reorganizing--that is until I got struck with the bright idea to venture out to the Good Will. The idea came to me as I was shoveling some old clothes into a trash bag to take to what is probably America's most widely known and most frequently visited consignment shop--The Good Will. While most of the clothes I was packing up to give away were too small for me (sadly) they were in close to mint condition (some items worn only once), fashionable, and designer/name brand. All around they were super finds and  would  make for great additions to almost any wardrobe. This realization got me to thinking...I can't be the only person providing pieces like this to the Good Will, therefore I should definitely be shopping at the Good Will. So, after tidying up the rest of my clothes I hoped in the car and made a trip to my local (and NEW) Good Will store. At first I was skeptical about what I would find, but that skepticism quickly vanished as I continued to heap item after item into my arms. I left with a slinky black dress and a sailor themed retro skirt. My total bill upon leaving $8.08...beat that!

This LBD (Little Black Dress) will be perfect for any occassion and can be made to look like a brand new outfit with different shoes, jewelry, and belts.

Okay, so I know the print on this skirt may seem like a bit much....BUT...I have a vision for it. Leave the mastermind alone to work her magic..mwhahhaaa haa haa (that was my attempt at typing a sinister laugh.) But seriously it's gonna be cute once I get all the right pieces together.  My inspiration for this skirt came from my fellow blogger,Delmy. She's got making this look work down to a science!
Kisses from Kierra 

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