April 2, 2013

What Up Tho?

That's what you're all thinking right? I know, its been a long time since I've updated this thing....and to be honest, its been equally as long since I've worn something decent. As much as I would love to roll out of bed on a regular basis and throw on a cutie-patootie outfit, my schedule and workload do not permit. Not to mention, my priorities have shifted just a bit over the past year...but that's a story for later. 

I wore this outfit to my cousin's cotillion this past weekend. As you can see, I'm transitioning the leather (or in my case, faux-leather) trend from the fall and winter into the spring. 
Top- ABX via Kohls
Skirt- JC Penny's
Sandals- Lulus.com
Earrings- Forever21

I can't say that there was any inspiration for this fit...more or less everything just seemed to work. 

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