May 15, 2014

Girl About Town

Shirt: The Limited / Shorts: Marilyn Monroe / Shoes: Nine West via TJ Maxx/ Purse: Kate Spade / Bracelet: Express
Yesterday I celebrated 22 years of living in  hot pink hot pants, my precious Kate Spade bag and a new hot pink lip. I purchased these shorts last week while wasting time before getting my hair done and didn't try them on until yesterday morning. Though my first thought when I put them on was, "these are little shorter than I thought they would be," I couldn't resist their color and decided to indulge just this once for my birthday. Once I was dressed, I couldn't help but feel that in some way my outfit was lacking, so I made a trip to the MAC counter for a fun pink lip! 

I've never felt comfortable enough to wear pink lipstick before, so this shopping trip was somewhat of big deal. I tried on several shades of pink, until I finally settled on "Girl About Town." The girl at the counter tried to persuade me into "Pink Pigeon," but I wasn't a fan of the matte finish. She kept trying to entice me into buying it saying, "but this is the new style" and "not many people have this color yet." Despite her persuasions, at 22 I've learned that it's not so much about fitting in as it is being comfortable. I brought "Girl About Town" and confidently sported my pink lips around town as I did some birthday shopping. 

This was the perfect birthday outfit for me in that it was girly, simple and pink. 


  1. Dear,
    Look so nice in this simple but very nice pink&white combo.
    Best wishes from Croatia, Europe

  2. Just so cute and adorable.

  3. Happy birthday! The pink looks great on you. :-)


  4. That top is adorable and you totally rocked that look girl! You look great in hot pink! :)