August 13, 2014

In the Know

Among the things that are important to me is having an extensive knowledge of things I am passionate about. So, when it comes to fashion and style that to me means knowing more than what colors work well together or the the cost of a pair of shoes. I'm interested in knowing information like who holds top positions within a company, emerging business trends and the history of brands. Books have been a great resource for reading up on a lot of these different things (check out my summer sophisticated reads list here) but on a day to day basis, there are a few sources I rely on to really stay in the know about things going on in the fashion industry. 

Women's Wear Daily or WWD as it commonly referred to has been around for more than 100 years now, and is a daily publication that covers every aspect of the fashion industry. Within its pages you can find information about how your favorite brands/retailers are performing in the stock market, the latest in fashion and beauty trends and pretty much any other important news as it relates to fashion. WWD does require a subscription. I personally have the $12.99 per month iPhone/ iPad subscription for my own convenience. They also offer daily print and web versions as well. 

I literally have learned so much from this site. Thanks to Claire Summers and her team, I have become familiar with countless brands that I would have never known of and had all my questions about what some of my favorite celebrities are wearing, answered. Perhaps the thing that I like most about The Fashion Bomb Daily is its emphasis on urban and African- American style influencers. Unlike WWD, the content on  The Fashion Bomb Daily is completely free and they post frequently throughout the day to Facebook and Instagram, which is how I primarily follow the site. 

Anytime I'm asked for blogging advice, the first thing I do is shout to the rafters about IFB is in my opinion one of the greatest free resources available to bloggers on the web. I use it to stay up to date on new trends in the blogging arena and as a way to find new blogs. 

Much like WWD, the Business of Fashion is a daily web publication that truly focuses on-- you guessed it-- the business of fashion. BOF also offers an interesting array of Op-Eds as well as profiles of CEOs of some of the top brands and various fashion bloggers. Founded in 2007, BOF covers the fashion industry from an international standpoint and is a great source for anyone interested in really knowing the ins and outs of fashion. 

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