September 16, 2011

Presidential Swag.

Swag. Not just any kind of swag, Presidential Swag. This man exudes it (I mean, he is the President). So, of course when I found out that he was going to be on my campus--yes, you read right--my campus, I immediately hopped up out the bed, turned my swag on, took a look in the mirror and said "What's up!" Lol, maybe I didn't quite take the Soulja Boy approach to things, but I was more than excited to hear that The President of the United States, Barack Obama was going to be in the building. Always looking for a reason to break out a cute outfit not only did the President's visit to my school give me a chance to display more of my wardrobe, but also to witness history.

Students found out on Monday that President Obama would be on our campus Wednesday to speak about his new American Job’s Act. By 9:00 p.m. people were already camped out in the brickyard area of campus, in order to get tickets for the speech. and, I was among them (but not until 1:00 a.m.). Camping has never been something that I’ve wanted to do, because outside = bugs, and quite frankly bugs and Kierra, just don’t mix. However, for the rare opportunity to hear our President speak, on my own college campus, I toughed it out in the wilderness (ok, maybe a college campus in the heart of one of North Carolina’s largest cities isn’t exactly the wilderness…but, you get my point) just to get my ticket.

The night was just getting started.
I slept all of 20 minutes that night 
7 hours and 24 minutes after getting in line, I finally got my ticket to see President Obama speak and with 6 minutes to spare, made my way to class. The next day, I found myself standing in line yet again. This time the sweat pants and chucks replaced with swagged out attire. 
My navy linen blazer was French Connection via Sears, I rarely pay full price for anything, so it should be no surprise that I paid only $11.48 for this $50 jacket. My tank was a birthday gift from my mother and came from Old Navy. My precious red skirt has been in my closet, just hanging for almost two years now. I found it a Ross one day for only $4.99 and couldn't resist. I acessorized with my new Gianni Bini aviators, diamond studs, silver bangles and flats from (of course) Forever21. 

Me with my "Golden Ticket"
 President Obama gave a great speech and my favorite part was when he made mention of congress members who are afraid that by passing The American Job's Act they will "give him a win." Obama said "...give me a win. Give me a win? Give me a break!" That right there is swag. You can check out video of the speech below!

                                            #teamOBAMA #teamNCSU #teamSWAG

Kisses from Kierra 

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