September 13, 2012

Future Generation Clothing

Me in my Future Generation shirt!
Like my shirt? Yeah, I do too! I was delighted when Kevin Lattimore, designer of Future Generation Clothing sent it (as well as some other goodies) over to me last week. Within a week of receiving it, I’ve already worn it twice! The cotton is so soft, not to mention the shirt itself is sick! Paired with my favorite red Chuck Taylor’s and a black body-con skirt from Forever21 it makes for the perfect “laid-back, cute, and cool without trying to hard” outfit. 

Designer, Kevin Lattimore
Established in 2009, Future Generation Clothing is the lovechild of 29-year old Kevin Lattimore. Born and raised in and around the Washington, D.C. area, Lattimore first had a desire to begin his own clothing label in 2001. While largely it was because he loved the fashion industry and how through fashion, “you can express how you feel at times without saying a word,” perhaps Lattimore’s biggest motivation for beginning Future Generation Clothing were his children. “I wanted to build or create something with purpose and style as well as build and leave an inheritance for my kids,” said Lattimore.

Other Future Generation Designs
With its motto being, “Born to impact the world through fashion,” Future Generation Clothing is not just fashion, it’s a lifestyle. Learn more about the designer and Future Generation Clothing CEO Kevin Lattimore, as well as his urban designs below. 

So Sophisticated 1992: Future Generation clothing is described as "Not just fashion, but a lifestyle," what makes Future Generation a lifestyle brand?

Kevin Lattimore: Clothes don't make the individual, the individual make the clothes. Every day is a day for us to become better at who we are and what we want to be. I believe we all have been created to be the best at what we do. So why not live life to the fullest and do it in style.

SS92:When did you begin designing clothing?

KL: I started designing t-shirts at the age of 29 and was selling them to friends, family and co-workers.

SS92: How has being from D.C. influenced your designs?

KL: I love quality and it's nothing wrong with having it. I was blessed with a gift and all I want to do is embrace, nurture, and perfect my craft. I like simplicity, simplicity sells all day every day. I don't like stuff (designs) all over the place. KISS- Keep It Simple Stupid!

Future Generation T-shirt
SS92: Sean "P.Diddy" Combs, Sean "Jay-Z" Carter, and Russell Simmons have all successfully created clothing brands that target urban clientele. What are your thoughts on the successes of their brands, and do you view them as role models to model your brand after?

KL: I thank them for paving the way and showing me that it can be done. You also can't forget about Daymond John the CEO & Founder of the urban fashion brand FUBU, I love his journey of how he got it done. These guys had vision, the right team on their side and ran with it. I applaud them for that and now it's my turn. LOL!!!! I absolutely view them as role models to model my brand after because they had a system that work and if they could do it, there shouldn't be any excuses or reason why I can't.

SS92: What are your long term goals for Future Generation?

KL: My long term goals are to build the brand to its full capacity, and reach the world.

 A Future Generation Clothing website is currently under construction ( but you can direct any inquiries regarding purchases to Kevin at Also, be sure to connect with Future Generation Clothing via social media!

twitter: @FG_Brand
instagram: FG_Brand
      facebook: @ FGBrandClothing

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