December 15, 2012

Tacky But Classy

When it comes to my personal style, tacky is not generally the word I would use to describe it, it's actually the complete opposite.

However, last night I attended a "Tacky But Classy" Christmas party which gave me an excuse to put on the gaudiest frock I could get my hands on!

While most everyone else opted for the classic tacky Christmas sweater, I decided to spice things up in a Tina Turner-esque party dress. 

Now of course this was not just hanging in my closet waiting to be worn. I actually found it a couple hours before the party at a thrift store that my friends told me about and it only set me back $4.99.

Already the perfect shade of Christmas Tree Green I piled on my red lipstick and slipped into my crushed red velvet kitten heel shoes. I also accessorized with my gold geometric earrings from Aldo and gold bangles. 

Because I purchased this dress on such short notice I didn't have the chance to have any alterations made, but how cute would it be if it were a little more tailored to my body? 

Can't wait to begin posting again, I've missed you all! 

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