January 22, 2012

I'd Rather Go Blind....

 Rain rain, go away, come again some other day-- this is exactly how I felt for the majority of the weekend. Even though its not raining in my pictures this weekend North Carolina was home to grey skies and freezing cold weather. For this reason, I spent most of my weekend cuddled up underneath my blankets watching movies and doing homework. 

Columbiana, Cadillac Records and the Lifetime Movie Untouchable: The Drew Peterson Story, were my weekend picks. Out of the three Cadillac Records was by far my favorite.,(plus I'd already seen Columbiana one time before.) The characters in the movie were so dynamic, especially the late Etta James who was played by new mom Beyonce Knowles and Little Walter played by the handsome Columbus Short.  *Starts singing "My babe don't take no cheating...no my babe!* 

Anyways....Sunday I finally climbed out of my Hello Kitty Pajamas and into some real clothes. Red Jeans from Ross, a super cute and stretchy denim button down I picked up on sale at Express, my Steve Madden boots, and the perfect remedy for a bad hair day-- my knit hat from Forever21. 

This weekend was fun (and most importantly relaxing!) while it lasted, but it's back to the fast life in the morning. I got dreams to make come true son! 

P.S. It's only fitting that I add this video. RIP to the legendary Ms. Etta James. 

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