March 19, 2012

Whatever Lola Wants, Lola Gets

I don't know about you guys, but the Pepsi commercial featuring Sofia Vergara is one of my favorites on t.v. right now. In it, sexy screen siren, Sofia Vergara sashays her way around in a blue cocktail dress in an effort to get a diet Pepsi. Along the way, potential suitors ask her to dance. All the while in the song "Whatever Lola Wants," plays in the background. On Saturday March 17, I decided to channel my inner Lola for Radio One's 2012 Women's Empowerment

Dressed in red ankle pants from The Limited, my cheetah print dress from my earlier Keeping Up With The Kardashians post worn as a shirt, black pumps and black belt, I made my way to the PNC center to hear keynote speaker Tyra Banks and see preformances from Robin Thicke, Anthony Hamilton, and Wale. Real Housewife Nene Leaks was there, as well as tv/ radio personality Rocsi Diaz, who my friend Chanelle and I managed to snap a picture with! 

Chanelle, Rocsi, and I
Obama '12! 
This was my first time attending the annual Radio One Women's Empowerment event. Hopefully it will not be my last. I heard lots of inspiring words and met some incredible women. The highlight of my day though, had to be hearing Tyra Banks speak. She gave a shout out to the Wolfpack (my school!), taught the audience how to "booty tooch," and even showed off her Spanx. But, when she got down to the meat of her speech, everyone in the audience felt compelled to work toward accomplishing all their dreams and though I can only speak for myself, motivated to leave a lasting impact on this world. 

I was attempting to give a little "side booty tooch" in the last picture, but because my booty is just that-- little-- I'm not sure that it gave the same effect as Tyra's below. Lol, oh well! 

Tyra "Booty Tooching"
Kisses From Kierra

p.s. Speaking of Tyra Banks, I wrote an article about the new ladies of Top Model Cycle 18, check it out here on

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