March 7, 2012

If Double Denim Is Wrong...

I don't want to be right. 

That simple. 

For those of you who don't know, I recently scored my first internship with CocoKouture Magazine. This internship came complete with my own [super cute and trendy] business cards, CocoKouture t-shirt, and  my picture and bio on the site. For the magazine, my first official  assignment was to write a piece on the Canadian Tuxedo. Was I excited?  Yes, to say the least. Was I equally  panicked? Absolutely, because I had no idea what the heck a Canadian Tuxedo was! After a little research however, I realized that my ignorance of the tux, was completely understandable as the trend was sent into fashion exile, way before I owned my first pair of Limited Too Jeans. 

You can check out m finished article here. 
Anyways-- after having written this article, I'd been itching to try out the (once) taboo denim on denim look. Home for Spring Break (lame, I know) I decided to experiment with my sister's denim top, my own jeans, and my mother's faux pearl necklace from New York & Company. For an overall masculine look, the pearls add just the right touch of femininity and glam factor!

So, what 's your take? Would you rock a Canadian Tuxedo, or is it for the birds?
I personally love the concept! 

I felt so retro, relaxed and down right groovy in this outfit. With my big bug eye shades on, the sun shinning on my face, and gas in my tank I spent the day cruising around with the sunroof open and my music blasting. 
Hello Spring! 

P.S. Also take a look at the piece I wrote on Brittany and Georgie of the blog High Heels and Big Dreams. They are fab!

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  1. I think the denim works because it's two shades of denim. The pearls are FAB