December 12, 2013

What NOT to Wear to A Christmas Tree Farm

Coat: American Eagle (similar) / Sweater: Gap Outlet (similar)/ Jeans: Gap/ Flats: Rainbow (similar)

You know I how I'm always saying you can never go wrong with animal print? Well, I didn't mean to, but I lied. You can go wrong. Super-duper wrong, especially when you make the mistake of wearing leopard print ballet flats to a Christmas Tree Farm. Trust me, I speak from experience. 

On our way back from Tennessee, my family and I made an impromptu stop at the Boyd Mountain Christmas Tree Farm in Waynesville, North Carolina to pick out a tree. Something told me before getting out of the car that I might want to swap my new, cute and dainty leopard ballet flats for my something a little more sturdy, but obviously I chose fashion over least temporarily.  

Lol, my little sister slipped and fell about five or six times. 
 I changed into Sperry's when my flats proved to be ALL wrong for the occasion. 

After watching everyone in my family fall multiple times, and when my flats became soaking wet because of the snow/ice on the ground, I decided to hightail it back to the car for a more suitable pair of Christmas Tree Farm shoes. My cousin, who had decided she didn't want to partake in the fun, loaned me her Leopard Print Sperry's. They didn't offer much traction on the slippery ground either, but at least my feet weren't wet in them and...they were still pretty fashionable. 

The moral of this story: 
Cute leopard print flats with an ankle strap are great for taking pictures on the back porch of a cabin, but not so much for trekking through snow and ice to find a Christmas Tree.


  1. It seems you had a good time. Happy holidays :)

  2. Awwww! Well at least you looked cute - I can't believe everyone was slipping and falling! But still sounds like you guys made a memory :)
    Nikki at