September 30, 2013

Saks 5TH Avenue Beauty Blogger Cocktail Party

Last Tuesday I attended a Beauty Blogger Cocktail Party at Saks 5th Avenue, and as promised here are the details of the event! 

The Saks 5th Avenue Beauty Team was on hand to tell us about all the makeup trends for the fall. Big on each of the panel members' list was a chocolate brown makeup palette. Jessica (Far Right) shared with us the Bobbi Brown Rich Chocolate Collection Fall 2013. As you can see chocolate brown hues around the eyes and a deep cranberry lip and cheek are central to this look. 

Bobbi Brown Rich Chocolate Collection Fall 2013 

Bobbi Brown Eye Palette full of pretty brown shadows 
At the event, I was also introduced to a new line of makeup. Sisley, began as a luxury skincare line in Paris during the 70s. It has since morphed into a full beauty line. We got to sample some of the Sisley eyeshadows and let me say, they were gorgeous! If you're looking for a bold shadow to really make your eyes  POP I would highly recommend Sisley. 

Sisley Eyeshadow Palette 

Sisley Lip Color Collection 
At the event there was of course, champagne, and other yummy sweet treats. 

I went with Joelle, of The Colors of Joelle
Joelle and I
I think the highlight of the event for both of us was being invited to the backroom to see the new shipment of Designer Bags that Saks had just gotten in. It was a style blogger's Heaven! Fendi, Prada, I really need to say more? LOL

Before we left, we received two goodie bags full of beauty supplies! 

So far, this is Bobbi Brown to Go compact and eye cream has been my  favorite find from the bags. 

Thanks again to Saks 5TH Avenue for the invite! 

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  1. Wow Great Review! Seemed like a fashionistas dream, And the wine and treats looked yummy!
    Thanks for the review!