September 19, 2013

SeventeenU at NCSU

Seventeen Magazine hosted Seventeen U at North Carolina State University yesterday and I couldn't have been more excited about it.

Last year when Seveneen U rolled through campus I missed out on it, but this year I made sure I was there bright and early to collect my goodies...and boy, did I! In high school, Seventeen Magazine was my FAVORITE magazine. I had two subscriptions (why, I don't know) and would tear pages out of each issue to use as covers for my binders at school. My friends and I would sit in class staring at my binders and picking out our favorite pieces from the pages of Seventeen magazine that I used to decorate them. Even at 21, Seventeen is still one of my go-to mags. 

The Seventeen U Tent on the NCSU Brickyard 
Inside the tent was a mini Keds showroom, braiding bar and gifting suite. 
Mannequin in the Keds showroom  

Keds has the cutest clothes-- I loved the polka dot shirt 
 At the SevteenU  Tent, everyone was given four slips of paper to write their name and contact information, and entered to win four different prizes. I didn't win anything but I still got amazing goodies from the gifting suite.

The bag included the Septemeber 2013 issue of Seventeen, Palmers Ultra Moisturizing Lip Balm, NYC Lipgloss, Hair Chalk, and a $15 coupon for! Obviously, I was a happy girl. 

Thanks SeventeenU for coming to my campus! 

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