January 16, 2014

Presidential Swag, Part Two.

Earrings: Deb / Sweater: Target/ Skirt: JC Penny/ Shoes: Rainbow/ Coat: Kenneth Cole 

So this happened.
President Obama made a trip to the campus of North Carolina State University to announce the creation of the Next Generation Power Electronics Institute which will be head-quartered at NCSU. Two years after his first visit to my campus, yours truly was in the building again to hear Mr. President speak. This time with press credentials, working as a part of the White House Press Pool. This was an extremely long day for me as I had been up all night in the newsroom and had to be up and in line to be checked in just a few hours after leaving. I must say that it was all worth and that it was an amazing experience. How many people can say that the President came to their schools not once, but twice before they graduated. I am so lucky and glad that I had the chance to cover the President's speech! You can read about President Obama's first visit to N.C. State here

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  1. I would love to hear Pres Obama speak in person, I'm sure it was an amazing experience!