June 27, 2012


What's more basic than a white beater and a pair of jeans? 


 While I like to consider myself a "girly-girl," I'm not afraid to strip myself down to the bare minimum and on this day, that is exactly what I did.

 A simple t-shirt, cuffed denim "conductor stripped" capris, a red belt, gold bracelets and a glittery Steve Madden wedges-- basic enough right?

It's a little ironic that I opted for such a basic look today, as I was recently awarded the Kreativ Blogger Award by Channing from the fabulous blog site, Channing in the City.

As a Kreative Blogger award recipient, I have to share seven unique facts about myself, and I also have to nominate seven other bloggers. So...here goes.

1. I eat atleast one bag of Haribo Gold gummy bears, every week. They are so delicious!

2. I watch ABC's The View everyday. If I can't catch it at 11 a.m. when it first comes on, I watch it on DVR or on my computer. I guess this make me an old lady.

3. I don't use syrup on my pancakes-- it's nasty. 

4. I was a competitive dancer for four years of my life and in high school I co-captained my Varsity cheerleading squad. These are big feasts, considering neither of my parents can dance nor are they very coordinated. 

5. I want to be the next Oprah/Barbra Walters/Anna Wintour --- in other words I want to be rich, iconic, a great journalist and incredibly stlyish!

6.  Instagram is my newest obsession--come follow me! (sophistikated92)

7. "A girl should be two things: classy and fabuolous" -- these famous words of Coco Chanel are the words I live by, hence them being situated at the top of my blog! 

8. I thrive on chaos and work best under pressure. 

9.  If I could trade places with someone for a day, it would be Beyonce! Chick is bad. 

10.  I wore braces for five years....five LONG years. But in the end, I guess it was worth it.

Now, without further ado my seven nominees:

Tank: Forever21- $4.99
Pants: Old Navy- $7.49
Belt: Goodwill- $1.50
Wedges: Steve Madden- $69.99

Now that you know my definition of a basic outfit...what's yours?

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