June 11, 2012


According to Britney (Spears that is), there are only two types of people in the world-- 

           those that entertain
                                                                         those that observe.

I'm not quite sure that I agree with Brit-Brat and that statement, but yesterday as I took these pictures I channeled my inner entertainer,  acting as a "put on a show type of girl." 

I took a trip to the small city of Lumberton, North Carolina to visit my grandmother for her birthday, and lets just say my midriff bearing, cookout attire had heads turning. In a country town full of old people, what more can you expect though?

Even as I took these pictures, downtown at the local Children's Museum, I could feel the eyes of the little oldies taking a Sunday drive watching me curiously. To be fair, I guess it's not that often they have small scale photo shoots taking place in the middle of downtown. 

Shirt: Forever21-$24.99
Shorts: DKNY Jeans (Goodwill)  transformed into DIY Cutoffs - $5.00
Belt: Goodwill- $1.50
Shoes: Converse- $39.99 (Sale)

So, what do you think of my circus attire? 

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