January 4, 2015

The Most Sophisticated of 2014

2014 proved to be one heck of a year-- I graduated from college, started my first real job and did my fair share of traveling (twice to Atlanta, three times to Miami, Greenville,SC and a few beach  trips in between)! Perhaps my favorite part of any New Year however is taking a moment to look back at the progression of my style in the last 365 days. On that note, here are what I consider to be my Most Sophisticated(ie. my favorite)looks of 2014! 

Blue Suede Shoes

For the King

Get Fancy Girl
Purple Reign 
Candles In The Sun
The Perfect Boyfriend
Land of the Snakes
Life is a Beach 

If anything, I'd say that my style wavered between minimalist and total boss chick throughout 2014....maybe in 2015 I'll find the happy medium between the two. 


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